Growing up around the family bakery in Holland, there was never any doubt what Jan Huis in’t Veld would be. In the tradition of the artisan, he learned the family craft at his father’s side and mastered it over many years.

Over 25 years ago, he bought a ‘continental’ bakery from John Skala and as tastes and culinary influences have broadened, this second-generation Dutch baking family has introduced new sour doughs, more complex flavours, new techniques and exotic breads from many cultures.

What sets Skala apart? Unique cultures. Crisp crusts. Textured mouth-feel. Bolder flavours. And, above all, consistent quality. As they say, the proof of this baking is definitely in the eating. That’s why Skala products grace the tables of South Australia’s finest dining rooms.

Should there ever be any excess product at the end of the day, Skala helped to establish OzHarvest in Adelaide to feed those in need.